Biking More


City of Alameda: Bike Alameda

Bike Alameda strives to make biking and walking safer and more pleasurable in the city of Alameda. For more information about their work locally or Walk & Roll to School Day, Safe Routes to School, Bike to Work Day, and "Keep Kids Alive. Drive 25", please refer to their website.

Antelope Valley Bicycle Coalition

Stressing advocacy, rides, and information, the Antelope Valley Bicycle Coalition provides a forum for announcing local rides, events, and news pertaining to bicycling.

Bakersfield: Bike Bakersfield


Bike Bakersfield is a non-profit bicycle advocacy group in Bakersfield, California. Information on Bike Rodeo, Bike Kitchen, Safe Routes to School, Bike Valet, Request a Route, and bicycle safety educational classes can be found on their website.

Bike East Bay


Bike East Bay works with East Bay cities and communities to promote safer and more accessible biking. Their site currently has information on board meetings, their valet bike parking program, legal resources, campaigns involving biking, educational resources about theft prevention and bicycle education, updates on bicycle safety projects in the area, and upcoming events.

Bike Concord


Initiated in 2014, Bike Concord has a page on Bike East Bay’s site with their updates, contact information, mission statement, and accomplishments. Their page also has links out to their bicycle safety classes.

Bike Walnut Creek


Bike Walnut Creek is a walking and biking advocacy group in Walnut Creek. Their organization organizes bicycle counts, bike routes, the Bike Centennial, local rides, and press releases. Their website includes information on all of these programs in addition to their group meeting times and publically available documents.  

Beverly Hills: Better Bike


Better Bike was founded in 2010 to reform the city’s outdated transformation policies and advocate for a new bike plan. The site provides information on their campaign, the 1977 Bicycle Master Plan and current projects being completed by the city.

Bikeable Communities


Bikeable Communities is a non-profit bicycle advocacy group that wants biking to be a safe, accessible, and viable transportation option. Their site features a list of events and partners, contact information, and updates pertaining to bicycling in Long Beach. 

Bike California


The California Bicycle Coalition is a state-wide bicycle advocacy group that hopes to double the number of people biking by 2017. They work to enable smaller bike coalitions at the local level with information on how to apply to funding and to appeal to state officials. Their site also includes a list of partners they work with, accomplishments, and projects they advocate for.

Bike SGV (San Gabriel Valley)


Bike SGV strives to make San Gabriel Valley a safer, healthier, and better place for bicycling. Data collection, a bike valet service, bike education classes, a bike train, a Bicycle Master Plan, Open Streets, and event support are some of the projects they work on. Their site features information on these projects and a blog on cycling in the valley.

Conejo Valley Cyclists

The Conejo Valley Cyclists is a team of cyclists that offer recreational and competitive rides for all levels. To learn more about what their ride schedule is or proper etiquette when riding, please refer to their site. 

Bike Culver City

Bike Culver City, formerly known as Culver City Bicycle Coalition, has meeting notes, bike routes, pertinent articles about bike safety, and a list of upcoming bike events in Culver City. Some of these events include Fiesta la Ballona and a meeting for the proposed LA County Bicycle Master Plan.

Bike Davis

Bike Davis is a non profit citizen group dedicated to promoting bicycling in Davis, through advocacy, education, encouragement, and design. This site aims to promote bicycling, increase safety, improve infrastructure, influence policy, and advocate for a vibrant bicycle culture in Davis. 

Fresno County Bicycle Coalition

The Fresno County Bicycle Coalition is a non-profit, local advocacy group that hopes to improve bicycle facilities, support bicycle safety classes, and spreading awareness of the benefits of bicycling. Their website features a locally produced PSA to promote bicycle safety and updates on their latest work. 

Hard Knox Bikes

Hard Knox Bikes is a mobile-bike clinic that offers bicycle safety classes to women, people of color, and the queer community in Oakland and the East Bay. To find out where their next event and training is going to be, please refer to their website.

Humboldt Bay Bicycle Commuters Association

The Humboldt Bicycle Commuters Association seeks to encourage bicycle commuting in the Humboldt Bay Region by securing grants for bicycle improvements.

A newsletter, list of bicycle trainings, and calendar of events is featured on their site.

Inland Empire Bicycling Alliance

The Inland Empire Cycling Alliance intends to unite smaller cycling groups in the Inland Empire in order to have a stronger political voice.  Their site includes information on their Bicycle Ambassador, Safe Routes to School, Safety and Skills programs, as well as a list of bicycle friendly businesses. 

City of Irvine: Bicycle Club of Irvine

A social bicycling club, the Bicycle Club of Irvine invites people of all skill levels to participate in scheduled bike rides. Additionally, they organize rides for new cyclists to learn how to ride in a club. For information on the next rides, please refer to their site.  

Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition

The Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition is a cycling group for the Tahoe region. They sponsor events like the Tahoe Bike Challenge and Tahoe Talks on Transportation, as well as provide maps of all the bike routes surrounding Lake Tahoe.

League of American Bicyclists

Founded in 1880, the League of American Bicyclists is a national bicyclist advocacy group. They seek to implement best practices in bicyclist safety and infrastructure and make communities more bikable by advocating on the federal level. To learn more about their sponsored programs like Bicycle Friendly America, Smart Cycling, Promoting Bicycling, and Making Biking Better, please refer to their website.

Bike Long Beach

Bike Long Beach hopes to improve the health, safety, and economic state of Long Beach residents by offering bicycling as an alternative to driving. Their site has information on safety classes and workshops, bike path maps, Safe Routes to School, bike sharing, and Bike Saturdays.  

Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) is the largest bicycle advocacy group in the greater Los Angeles region. Not only do they host their own events, programs, and campaigns, but they also work with local advocacy groups to ensure that these smaller organizations have the support to complete their projects too. Some of LACBC’s current work includes Ride Figueroa, Ride Westwood, Safe Routes to School, the city and county bike master plan, the downtown Los Angeles bike network, Active Streets, and bicycle safety classes. 

Marin County Bicycle Coalition

The Marin County Bicycle Coalition focuses on improving road and bicycle infrastructure as a means to promote walking and bicycling in Marin County. Additionally, they are spreading their Safe Routes to School model with other counties and are providing educational resources on how to ride safely and share the road.

Marin Cyclists Club

The Marin Cyclists Club hosts rides on the weekends and weekdays throughout Marin County and the greater Bay Area. For their ride schedule and information on the Marin Century, please visit their website.

Merced Bicycle Coalition

The Merced Bicycle Coalition is a non-profit organization that leads community rides in Merced and disseminates information on current bicycle policy news. Their website includes information on their ride schedule and how to get involved with bicycle advocacy groups on the city, state, and federal level. 

Bicycling Monterey

Bicycling Monterey is the outcome of Mari Lynch’s efforts to make Monterey County a more bikable community. On her website she features relevant articles on bicycling in Monterey County and information on advocacy projects she is organizing or supporting. Some of these projects include HER Helmet Thursdays, bilingual bicycle safety classes, and bike party rides.   

Napa County Bicycle Coalition

Napa County Bicycle Coalition hopes to make cycling more convenient, safe, and accessible for all residents of Napa County. To learn more about events like Napa Bike Fest and how the organization is working with local officials to improve infrastructure for cyclists, please visit their website.   

Bike Newport Beach

Bike Newport Beach is currently trying to get youth involved in making Newport Beach more walkable and bikeable. Their site features bike trail maps and updates on anything revolving around bicycling in Newport Beach.

Orange County Bicycle Coalition

The Orange County Bicycle Coalition seeks to promote bicycling as a relevant mode of transportation. As a non-profit advocacy group, they offer bicycle safety classes with other organizations and petition on the behalf of smaller communities within Orange County. Their site currently has information on class registration and the Peters Canyon Class 1 Trail Petition.

Oxnard Bicycles

Oxnard Bicycles is a local organization that offers information on how to and where to ride safely in Oxnard, California. Their site also has an updated list of news articles that are relevant to cycling in Oxnard.

Pedal Love

Pedal Love is a medium for women to share their stories of creating safer, healthier, and more sustainable mobility. A non-profit project under the California Bicycle Coalition, Pedal Love features photo narratives, audio podcasts, in person trainings, and webinars.

People for Bikes

People for Bikes is a national bicyclist advocacy group that offers community grants, resources on how to add bike lanes, and a political voice to smaller, more local bicyclist groups. Their site features information on all of these endeavors and current transportation bills that involve bicycling. 

Pomona Valley Bike Coalition

A member organization of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, the Pomona Valley Bike Coalition seeks to improve the health of Pomona Valley communities by promoting safer and more accessible bicycling. Their site features information on their local events, bike safety classes, advocacy projects, and work with the Bicycle Master Plan. 

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

The Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates reviews the possible impact proposed development projects have on traffic and cycling, evaluate the bikability of certain neighborhoods, and advocate for safer and more accessible infrastructure for cyclists. Currently, they are working on an Open Streets campaign, Light On! giveaway, Carlson Corridor project, bike valet program, and repurposing parking spaces project.

Sacramento Valley Cycling

Sacramento Valley Cycling is a website that provides links for other Northern California bike clubs and a map of the American River Bike Trail. 

San Diego Bicycle Coalition

The San Diego Bicycle Coalition seeks to protect the rights of cyclists and to advocate for safer, more accessible, and more enjoyable bicycling. Their projects include Walk + Bike Carlsbad, National Bike Month, Bike Valet, CicloSDias Open Street Events, and Bike Friendly Business Districts; however, they also offer classes and rides and participate in advocacy events. For more information on these programs, classes, and advocacy activities, please refer to their website.   

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is one of the largest bicycle advocacy groups in the country. Not only does their size allow them to have a political voice for cyclists, but it also allows them to offer a multitude of programs and resources. To learn more about their bicycle safety classes, annual reports, strategic plans, Connecting the City Campaign, Bike to Work day, valet parking, and other street and business campaigns, please refer to their site.  

San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club

A non-profit advocacy group along the Central Coast, the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club hosts the Wildflower and Lighthouse Century rides and sponsors other local advocacy groups. The club also leads guided bike rides and hosts events to raise money for these groups. For more information on upcoming events or organizations they partner with, please refer to their website.

Bike San Mateo

Bike San Mateo organizes the Crossing 101, More Bike Racks, Old County Road Railroad Crossing, and Caltrain Bikes on Board campaigns in San Mateo County. Their site has information on how to combine cycling and Caltrain when commuting to work and how to adhere to all bicycling laws when riding. Additionally, it has information on dangerous road conditions, local resources and campaigns, maps and routes, and newsletters.

Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition

The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition is a non-profit, community-based organization that seeks to encourage alternative forms of transportation in Santa Barbara County. Their website has information on their Do-It-Yourself Community Bike Shop, Spanish-speaking outreach group, youth and adult educational programs, and Vision Zero campaign.  

Santa Monica Spoke

Santa Monica Spoke aims to improve the quality of life Santa Monica residents and bring diverse communities together by making bicycling safer and more accessible. A member of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, they host bicycle safety classes, advocacy projects (like the Michigan Avenue Neighborhood Greenway), and awareness events. Their website includes information on all of these programs and events.

Shasta Wheelmen

The Shasta Wheelmen is a cycling club that offers rides throughout the week for riders of all ages. Additionally, they advocate for safer road conditions and rights for bicycle commuters and recreational riders at the city and county level. For more information on their ride and event schedule, please refer to their website.

Sierra Cycling Foundation

A member organization of the California Bicycle Coalition and League of American Bicyclists, the Sierra Cycling Foundation was founded to advocate for cycling in the Eastern Sierra. They offer equipment, safety information, updated bike laws, and bike trails to cyclists in the region. Additionally, their website features the Bike Safe California online resource to help cyclists learn how to ride.

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition


The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition organizes bike pools, corporate commute workshops, Safe Routes to School, introductory and family bicycle courses, valet bike parking, a bike clinic, and many more classes and events.  Their site features a blog and more information on these events and programs.

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition


The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is a non-profit bicycle advocacy and education organization. They organize programs and events like Bike to Work Day, Bike Valet, Biker Chicks, Safe Routes to School, VeloMed, Cool Blue Ride!, bike expo, and other charity rides. To find out more about these and other programs, please visit their website.   

South Bay Bicycle Coalition


The South Bay Bicycle Coalition was founded to promote more interconnected bicycle paths in the South Bay region of the Bay Area. Their past projects have included updating the Bicycle Master Plan and South Bay Bike Night.

Channel Islands Bicycle Club

The Channel Islands Bicycle Club is a recreational bicycle club in Ventura County. They host charity and recreational rides like the Cool Breeze Century. Their website features more information about these rides and their upcoming events.

West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition


A chapter of the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition, the West Hollywood Bicycle Coalition was founded to implementation Complete Streets projects and other Bicycle Task Force recommendations. Additionally, they work on community projects that promote bicyclist safety and advocacy. If you would like more information on their past projects or their current Plummer Park renovation, please visit their website.