Walk More

Many advocacy groups encourage both walking and biking along with safety components. The following groups place a strong emphasis on encouragement, though many of them are also listed as safety advocates. If you don't find a group here, please consult the Walk and Bike Safer tab. And if you know of a group that you think should be included, please email SafeTREC and/or our Communications Manager Lisa Peterson.


Albany Strollers and Walkers

The Albany Strollers and Walkers website provides information on current projects, events, and safety classes in Albany, CA. Through infrastructural improvements and educational campaigns, the organization seeks to make Albany a more walkable and bikeable community.

America Walks

America Walks is a national pedestrian advocacy group that seeks to mobilize businesses and people for more walkable communities. Their site includes helpful resources and partner names for those interested in getting involved on a more political scale.  

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association hopes to make Berkeley a more walkable community by leading guided walks and creating/preserving walking trails. Their site provides information on local paths, guided walking groups, and path development projects in the area.

Bike Walk Encinitas


Bike Walk Encinitas’ website has information on local rides, safety classes, events, and resources for those interested in making Encinitas a more walkable and bikeable community. They have also listed their partners in other Southern California cities.

California WALKS

Stressing community engagement, network support, and policymaking, California WALKS is a statewide advocacy group for anyone interested in making their community more walkable and bikeable. They partner with SafeTREC to implement Community Pedestrian Safety Trainings and other programs. For more information about their mission and upcoming projects, please refer to their site.

Greenfield Walking Group

Originally a group of walking mothers, this organization spearheaded a park transformation project in Kern County once finding Steirn Park in shambles. Their page on the California Walks website details who they are, what projects they are working on, and what studies they have participated in. 

Los Angeles Walks

Los Angeles Walks is a consortium of local community partners that hopes to make Los Angeles more walkable. Their site includes information on the local events, Walk this Way, Vision Zero, and Sidewalk Funding and Repair campaigns.

Oakland – Cleveland Cascade

The Oakland Cleveland Cascade is a neighborhood collaborative that seeks to restore and preserve the Cleveland Cascade—an Oakland waterway landmark. Their site has information on cascade workdays and the history of the restoration project.

Santa Barbara Walks

Under the Coalition for Sustainable Transportation, Santa Barbara Walks hopes to make walking safer and more accessible from Montecito to Goleta. Their page has information on Safe Routes for Seniors, Walking Wednesdays, and Eastside Walks.

Santa Cruz: Mission Pedestrian

A member of California Walks, Santa Cruz: Mission Pedestrian  provides helpful tips and resources on how to calm traffic and why speeding is detrimental to pedestrians. The site also has traffic and pedestrian statistics particular to Santa Cruz.   

Walk Eagle Rock

Walk Eagle Rock seeks to support alternative transportation modes and improve conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians in Northeast Los Angeles. Their site posts relevant articles pertaining to Eagle Rock and project plans they hope to invest in.

Walk Sacramento

A member of California Walks and America Walks, WALKSacramento collaborates with city and transportation planners, city officials, and community members to support pedestrian improvements. Their website publishes news relevant to their work and project updates on their sponsored pedestrian projects.  

Walk San Francisco

A foundation and a non-profit, Walk San Francisco seeks to make walking the most preferred, accessible, and safest way to travel. Their sites include information on Vision Zero, Walk to Work Day, Walk and Roll to School Day, Green Connections, and other pedestrian safety programs.

Walk Santa Monica

Santa Monica Walks! is dedicated to supporting pedestrian infrastructural improvements. Their webpage includes information on community partners, key members, and problem areas in Santa Monica.  

Walk Bike to School

Walk Bike to School is the more child-friendly website for the National Center for Safe Routes to School. It provides details on the annual, nation-wide Walk to School Day and tools for planning/outreach efforts for those interested in making their communities more walkable and bikeable for children.