Safety Included in Advocacy: Walking



America Walks

America Walks, provides a voice for walking and walkable communities with federal agencies, provides strategy support, training and technical assistance to statewide, regional, and local organizations, and serves as the convener of the national Every Body Walk! Collaborative. All in effort to make America a great place to walk.

California Walks

California Walks is a statewide organization that is dedicated to creating healthy, safe and walkable communities through capacity building and empowerment with CA communities, policy advocacy and engaging workshops. SafeTREC collaborates with California Walks to administer and facilitate the Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Program.

Albany Strollers and Walkers

Albany Strollers and Walkers aims to promote bicycling and walking as superior forms of transportation, to increase bicycle access, safety, and awareness, and to champion the development of safe routes for bicyclists and pedestrians within Albany.

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association

Berkeley Path Wanderers Association (BPWA) is a grassroots volunteer group of community members whose goal is to increase public awareness of the City of Berkeley’s pathways. through volunteer-led path walks; identification and accurate mapping of Berkeley’s complete path network; and eventual restoration of paths.

Los Angeles Walks

Los Angeles Walks is a pedestrian advocacy group that makes walking safe, accessible and fun for all Angelenos. This site is dedicated to promoting walking and pedestrian infrastructure in Los Angeles, through education, policy, and fostering the development of safe and vibrant environments for all pedestrians.

Oakland - Cleveland Cascade

The Oakland-Cleveland Cascade’s ultimate goal is to fully restore the functioning waterworks at the Cascade and restore the Cascade to its original flowing-water vitality.

San Jose STEPS (Sustainable Transportation Engagement for Pedestrian Safety)

In collaboration with California Walks, the STEPS project utilizes multi-generational community-based participatory research (CBPR) to connect young children and older adults -- the two most vulnerable pedestrian populations.

Walk Sacramento

WALKSacramento is a nonprofit community organization working to achieve safe, walkable communities throughout the Sacramento region. The organization works closely with transportation and land use planners, elected officials and other community groups to create safe and walkable environments.

Walk San Francisco

Walk SF aims to make walking in San Francisco safer for everyone. This site elaborates on how to make walking safer, enjoyable and manners in which to make walking the preferred method of transportation.

Santa Barbara Walks

COAST promotes convenient transportation alternatives for everyone including the population who, by choice or necessity, does not drive. This site advocates for healthy and environmentally beneficial transportation alternatives.

Santa Cruz: Mission Pedestrian

Santa Cruz Mission Pedestrian is dedicated to make walking safe and enjoyable. In addition this site is also dedicated to creating healthy, safe, and walkable communities.