Register now for "Media Strategy #1: Getting Ready for Success" on 5/30!

May 16, 2024

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Join  for a free, 60-minute online class titled, “Media Strategy Success #1: Getting Ready for Success,” on May 30th at 11:30am PT. Sponsored by, this class will provide:

  1. Why your organization needs a "Media" or "Newsroom" and what to include in yours (including why Sizzle Reels are valuable!)
  2. How to create rapport with the media.
  3. How to create a valuable media list.
  4. How to collaborate with other organizations to land more media coverage in more influential platforms. 
  5. The opportunity to share with us an idea for a story you want to pitch to the media in the next few months and get our feedback.

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This class is part of an ongoing year-long series of classes hosted by Pedal Love with a focus on safe and sustainable street advocacy. Visit the Pedal Love YouTube Channel to watch recordings of past trainings in the series.  

About Pedal Love creates storytelling tools, online trainings, best practices toolkits and personal coaching for creating more engaging, easy-to-understand, measurably successful communications and media outreach projects and strategies grounded in the knowledge of the art and science of the craft of storytelling.

The Role of Media and Road Safety

Effective communications about road safety, whether in the media, in safety campaign materials or in community outreach efforts play an important role in ensuring the safe mobility for all road users. How the public thinks about the problem of traffic injury and fatalities and what can be done about it is significantly influenced by how the media reports on it. Visit our webpage to learn more and access resources about why words matter for effective communications about road safety.