Safety Stories

Safety Stories

Background image: People ride bikes and jog on a separated, multi-use bicycle path.

Welcome to Safety Stories!

Discover safe active transportation successes in California. 

Safety Stories is a feature where CATSIP users can find and share snapshots of strategies, programs, and tools used by professionals, advocates and community residents to improve pedestrian and bicycle safety. Use this section to explore lessons learned from transportation practitioners, advocates, and community members working to manage vehicle speeds, reduce transportation inequities, and build a transportation system safe for all users. 

Stories from the Field contains conversations with planners, designers, engineers, advocates, and other practitioners improving active transportation safety in their work. 

Stories from You assembles user-submitted testimonials, images, and videos centered around reducing transportation-related injuries and fatalities in California communities. 

These narratives sketch a picture of areas where active transportation safety professionals, advocates, and community residents have implemented active transportation plans or utilized best practices for promoting safe active travel.

UC Berkeley SafeTREC invites you to share your own Safety Story so that others may benefit from your experiences improving active transportation safety in your community. Click on Submit Your Story to share your Safety Story today. 

Featured content on our Safety Stories pages has been gathered to share as a resource for promoting active transportation safety and does not represent an endorsement by CATSIP or SafeTREC of any group, organization, or perspective.