In Fresno County? Share your feedback for the Regional Active Transportation Plan

June 20, 2023

The Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) is in the process of developing a Regional Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to make walking and biking easier, safer and more enjoyable.

The project goals for the Fresno County Regional ATP include:Screenshot of the Fresno County Regional ATP Interactive Map

  • Create a network of safe and attractive trails, sidewalks, and bikeways that connect Fresno County residents to key destinations, especially local schools and parks
  • Create a network of regional bikeways that allows bicyclists to safely ride between cities and other regional destinations
  • Create better connections to transit, especially for communities with limited access to other transportation options
  • Increase walking and bicycling trips and thus reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and improve air quality in the region by creating user-friendly facilities
  • Increase safety by creating bicycle facilities and improving crosswalks and sidewalks for pedestrians

How to get involved:

There are several ways to share your feedback on how to improve active transportation safety in Fresno County:

Learn more information about the Fresno County Regional ATP and how to get involved.