The Active Transportation Equity: A Scan of Existing Master Plans

August 18, 2015

The Active Transportation Equity: A Scan of Existing Master Plans report examines explicit mentions of equity within existing 38 current bicycle and pedestrian master plans. The 38 bicycle, pedestrian and joint pedestrian/ bicycle master plans were selected based on recommendations from the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center and the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Community program. 

The definition of equity can either be geographic equity, the distribution of walking and/or biking facilities within a community, or social or demographic equity, the characteristics of the population who are using the walking facilities or programs. According to the document, “equity within the bicycling and walking movement tends to focus on recognizing and reacting to the underrepresentation of youth, women, and people of color in advocacy efforts and local transportation decisions.”

The document offers potential models for advocates, agencies and consultants to plan for a more equitable walking and biking system. Some of the things it focuses on are environmental justice, sustainability, health, public health, transportation, and targeted universalism. The document also includes many examples of GIS, community outreach, and data tools that could be helpful to other communities interested in developing a master plan for transportation equity.