Updated Resource: Guides and Toolkits Page

January 26, 2022

The newest addition to CATSIP is our updated and refreshed Guides and Toolkits page, which now features resources by one of three topic areas: Bike and Pedestrian Projects, Outreach and Engagement, and Safe Routes to School. These guides and toolkits come from both agencies and community organizations and were developed to promote safe walking and biking facilities. You can find the updated Guides and Toolkits page under our “Resources” tab.

 Bike and Pedestrian projects, Safe Routes to School, and Outreach and Engagement

Our Online Resources

The California Active Transportation Safety Information Pages (CATSIP) acts as an online resource for improving pedestrian and bicycle safety in California. In order to do this work, we present the latest and most useful online resources to encourage and promote safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and other non-motorized road users in California. Our Guides and Toolkits page is one such online resource to help planners and community members alike create safe, accessible, equitable and community-centered streets for those walking and biking.

We have broken the resources into three sections based on the guidance they provide:

  • Bike and Pedestrian Projects - How to plan and implement bike and pedestrian projects.
  • Outreach and Engagement - How to conduct outreach and engagement for bike and pedestrian projects.
  • Safe Routes to School - How to plan and implement Safe Routes to School projects.

It is our hope that this online resource will serve as a launching pad for those looking for the newest standards for planning, conducting outreach and community engagement, and implementing projects to make walking and biking safer for people across California.

Our Guides and Toolkits page is continuously being updated as more studies, reports, and other materials are created to improve walking and biking facilities. Do you know of a resource we can add to the list? Please let us know at safetrec@berkeley.edu.