California Walk Friendly Communities (WFC)

The following table features communities in California and throughout the U.S. that have been awarded a "Walk Friendly" designation, which recognizes their commitment to supporting safer walking though infrastructure improvements, education, encouragement, and traffic safety enforcement.

Walk Friendly Communities is sponsored by FedEx and the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. The program is maintained by the UNC Highway Safety Research Center's Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, with support from a variety of national partners.

The Walk Friendly Assessment Tool can be used by communities to measure their own walkability, whether or not they choose to submit an application to be considered for recognition. Walk Friendly Communities considered applications on a periodic basis.

CA Walk Friendly Communities 2020


San Francisco Platinum 884363 18679 profile
Santa Barbara Gold 88410 4541 profile
Redwood City Silver 76815 3956 profile
Santa Monica Silver 89736 10664 profile
Arcata Bronze 18000 1567 profile
Mountain View Bronze 77973 77973 profile
Sebastopol Bronze 7440 4022 profile
Rancho Cordova Honorable Mention 74585 -- profile


New York City, NY Platinum 8550405 profile
Portland, OR Platinum 647805 profile
Seattle, WA Platinum 652405 profile
Ann Arbor, MI Gold 117025 profile
Arlington, VA Gold 229302 profile
Boulder, CO Gold 107353 profile
Charlottesville, VA Gold 48117 profile
Chicago, IL Gold 2695598 profile
Corvallis, OR Gold 54462 profile
Denver, CO Gold 600158 profile
Eugene, OR Gold 159190 profile
Evanston, IL Gold 74500 profile
Hoboken, NJ Gold 50005 profile
Minneapolis, MN Gold 382578 profile
Somerville, MA Gold 78804 profile
Washington DC Gold 601723 profile
Alexandria, VA Silver 139966 profile
Asheville, NC Silver 91902 profile
Austin, TX Silver 790390 profile
Bellevue, WA Silver 147599 profile
Bend, OR Silver 80995 profile
Burlington, VT Silver 42645 profile
Cary, NC Silver 156531 profile
Charlotte, NC Silver 877498 profile
Columbus, OH Silver 850106 profile
Culver, IN Silver 1436 profile
Decatur, GA Silver 19687 profile
For Collins, CO Silver 156480 profile
Hartford, CT Silver 124775 profile
Lawrence, KS Silver 91305 profile
Lee's Summit, MO Silver 98461 profile
Long Beach, CA Silver 461823 profile
Montclair, NJ Silver 37726 profile
Portsmouth, NH Silver 21796 profile
Raleigh, NC Silver 464758 profile
Sandpoint, ID Silver 7365 profile
Santa Monica, CA Silver 89736 profile
Saranac Lake, NY Silver 5288 profile
Tallahassee, FL Silver 191019 profile
Philadelphia, PA Silver 1526006 profile
Atlanta, GA Bronze 486290 profile
Bloomington, IN Bronze 80405 profile
Cedar Rapids, IA Bronze 132228 profile
Coeur d'Alene, ID Bronze 44137 profile
Columbia, SC Bronze 133358 profile
Davidson, NC Bronze 10944 profile
Essex Junction, VT Bronze 9271 profile
Fayetteville, AR Bronze 80621 profile
Fergus Fall, MN Bronze 13215 profile
Flagstaff, AZ Bronze 63785 profile
Forest Park, IL Bronze 14167 profile
Fort Lauderdale, FL Bronze 165521 profile
Gainesville, FL Bronze 124354 profile
Indiana, PA Bronze 13975 profile
Kenmore, WA Bronze 22320 profile
Kirkland, WA Bronze 87281 profile
La Crosse, WI Bronze 51719 profile
Lakeland, FL Bronze 98968 profile
Louisville, KY Bronze 597337 profile
Mt. Lebanon, PA Bronze 33137 profile
New Orleans, LA Bronze 343829 profile
Northampton, MA Bronze 28549 profile
Portsmouth, VA Bronze 96470 profile
Rochester, MN Bronze 106769 profile
Saratoga Springs, NY Bronze 27315 profile
Shorewood, WI Bronze 13162 profile
Sisters, OR Bronze 2118 profile
Sitka, AK Bronze 8881 profile
Springfield, MO Bronze 162191 profile
Wilsonville, OR Bronze 21484 profile