Explore new Stories from the Field with Dorothy Wong and Ana Lopez!

April 20, 2022

New Safety Stories highlight how communities are prioritizing active transportation safety

Explore our newest installments in the Stories From the Field Series to learn how people on the frontline are improving road safety for people who walk, bike and roll in their communities! In the two latest Safety Stories, the SafeTREC team talked with Dorothy “Dot” Wong of Altadena Town Council and Ana Lopez of SafeTREC’s Comunidades Activas y Segura (Active and Safe Communities) Program. Click on the links below to learn what inspired their work in active transportation safety, and the key elements, lessons learned and valuable takeaways they shared for successful active transportation projects.

Safety Story with Dorothy “Dot” Wong of Altadena Town Council

Altadena community members in a group photo during the Go Human safety campaign

In this story, Dot Wong, Altadena Town Councilmember and member of the Traffic Safety and Mobility Committee, shares about her efforts as an experienced pedestrian and bicycle safety educator and lead instructor working with local advocacy organizations to create safer and more livable spaces for walking, biking and rolling. Learn more about her efforts.

Safety Story with Ana Lopez

Ana smiles at the camera, with rolling hills in the background.

In this story, Ana Lopez, Policy and Program Analyst for SafeTREC and lead for the Comunidades Activas y Segura (Active and Safe Communities) Program, calls out the importance of community-centered and culturally/linguistically-sensitive approaches to improve the safety for people who walk and bike  in Spanish-speaking communities across California. Read more of her story.

Explore More Stories from the Field!

Berkeley SafeTREC's safety stories highlight how urban planners, designers, engineers, advocates and others have implemented safe streets programs, employed best practices, or reported successful outcomes in their communities to advance active transportation safety. 

Are you an active transportation practitioner who's been successful prioritizing road safety for people that walk or roll? Would you like to be featured on Stories from the Field and share your success with others? Berkeley SafeTREC wants to hear about it! Send an e-mail to safetrec@berkeley.edu